Are you thriving or barely surviving right now?

Your body is unique.

Shouldn't your well-being management be as well?

Unlock your true potential and reclaim your inner spark!

Executive nutrition and lifestyle programmes for high-achieving business women

When it comes to feeling fatigued & overworked, there isn´t one giant step that fixes it, it´s a lot of strategic little steps.

Are you struggling to keep up with your drive and motivation? 

Do you feel exhausted and fatigued even after resting? 

Do you struggle to focus on the tasks at hand?

Is feeling overwhelmed an understatement?

I get it...

I get it. You are a high-achieving business woman in your field and making a difference in the world. And yet, you find yourself merely surviving each day due to an intense and hectic momentum you are no longer able to keep up with. The pressure does not end with work. 


Our ‘24/7’ culture can make it difficult to rest at any hour of the day or night. With no chance to recharge your mind and body, your batteries are constantly running dangerously low. It just feels so much more than a bad day or a bad week. With such conflicting and sheer amount of health information out there combined with your very own situation, where do you turn to or where do you start?

Bespoke nutrition and lifestyle programmes with functional testing

If you are sick and tired of feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and struggling with chronic stress, now is the time to work with an experienced nutritional therapist & well-being coach to bring energy, focus, motivation & inner spark back into your life.

With 15 years´ lived key experience in the fields of stress, burn-out, and fatigue within intellectually and physically demanding industries, I work with you to bring back an equilibrium of balance. I help you deal with the root causes of your stress, exhaustion, anxiety, and feelings of being overwhelmed. Through a combination of bespoke nutrition and well-being coaching, I bring clarity by helping you connect with your resilience and resourcefulness so you can call the shots on your well-being and lead by example. 


Hi, I'm Magalie

A registered nutritional therapist using the principles of functional medicine and nutrigenomics. I am also an ILM accredited well-being coach.

What my clients say

"In life, sometimes, wonderful people come into our lives and Magalie is most certainly one of them. She presented herself as a consummate professional and had the warmth and emotional intelligence to put me at ease, permitting me to relax and trust the guidance she shared.   I liked her maturity and sense of humour very much.  I was immediately fascinated by her depth of knowledge on a subject of which I had found challenging over the years. She gave me the kind of support and mentoring I have only experienced in very few top establishments around the globe. The consultations were lively, hugely educational and fun!  The 100% personal attention received from Magalie gave a feeling of being extremely well looked after. Her attention to detail and conscientious approach has restored my health in many areas and I can only continue to thank her by sharing my wellness journey with her to as many people as I can.  She heals your ailments and makes you feel well once again."

Michelle, London


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