Building a culture of employee well-being is key because… A healthy team is a high performing team

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´´Almost three-quarters (£68bn) of this loss could be attributed to poor mental health and unhealthy lifestyle choices´´ 

(Britain´s Healthiest Workplace Study)

´´Employees take an average of four days off per year for sick time, but admitted to being unproductive an average of 57.5 days a year. Presenteeism costs business 10 times more than absenteeism´´

(GCC´s study).

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When was the last time your employees felt inspired?

Employees are more productive, motivated, focused, and happy at work when they feel good and empowered. However, while trying to manage a high-intensity workplace with a fast-pace and high-pressure environment, higher demands and irregular working hours, it is more difficult to find the time to achieve one´s well-being goals. Creating an on-site culture of well-being in the corporate sector is paramount as the majority of an employee’s time is spent at the workplace. 


To achieve it, one of the most influential ways according to Gallup are the managers. In companies where managers discuss, promote well-being, the chances of employees getting engaged and involved is greater.

What are the benefits of creating a culture of well-being in the corporate sector?

Improved presenteeism

Reduced illness and absenteeism 

Improved Employee’s health and nutritional well-being, and increased morale

Increased resilience 

Increased focus, motivation, and commitment

Increased performance and productivity

Increased staff retention

Increased shared interests amongst staff

Saved recruitment/agency costs

Reduced health insurance costs


My approach

I am a registered nutritional therapist nutrition consultant, and well-being coach with over 15 years´ lived key expertise in the fields of stress, burn-out and fatigue within intellectually and physically demanding industries. I work with companies globally to find the best fit for their business culture.

I design nutrition and lifestyle-based programmes that will ensure lasting changes in health, resilience and well-being.

Managers and Teams´

Well-Being & Resilience Programme

Studies show losing one´s purpose can have a detrimental effect. I work with with managers and their teams so they can discover their Ikigai. It is a Japanese concept calling one to draw on their passions, talents, and skills to identify their role and meaning within society. It can extend to a collective purpose, shared goals and values of the organisation and its people.


I combine nutritional and lifestyle strategies with motivational coaching to create the right plans for managers and their teams. I coach them so they can find the ongoing motivation and commitment to follow through.


“Without organisational purpose, your employees are simply putting in time. Their minds might be engaged, but their hearts will not be”

Stuart Taylor, CEO and founder of Springfox

Engagement, inspiration, awareness, self-realisation, motivation, support, and strategy are the keys to creating a successful well-being culture.

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Andrew Bowness, Product Owner at Yulife

´´Magalie is exceptionally proficient in her field and always delivered absolute professionalism to both our corporate and private clients. She is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction and was an unparalleled success with everybody she worked with resulting in excellent reputation throughout Surrey and London. I would highly recommend her.´´


Pascal Bertrand, General Manager BodyHoliday, St Lucia

´´Magalie is our Nutritionist and culinary consultant for over a year now. It is such a pleasure to work with Magalie! She is 100% dedicated to her job and always ready to help us. As a Wellness resort, Magalie’s contribution is vital for us. Since we started working with Magalie, our healthy food offer leapt frog to an excellent level. Her dedication, creativity, patience, and training skills have helped tremendously in our search for excellence in healthy food. She is very talented in engaging our team members to produce a great product. Her follow up is exemplary!

The conferences, classes, and training sessions she gives to all our team members are always run in a perfectly professional manner and a great source of work reference about nutrition and well-being. I greatly recommend Magalie to whoever will have the opportunity to become her client´´