Want to make a change in your life but feel stuck or don’t know where to start?

Stress, fatigue, feelings of overwhelm and stuck emotions are more and more common in our world today.

Relationships, life purpose, environment are a few elements among others which can impact and influence our well-being. When we are dissatisfied with the way we live our life, we may feel down, stuck, lost and disheartened.

People seek the services of a coach when they want to improve one or several aspects of their life they are dissatisfied with. This could vary from personal issues, professional issues to physical issues. Coaching is a distinct service and differs greatly from therapy, consulting, mentoring, or training.

Well-being Coaching

Well-being Coaching, goes a step further. It is an innovative approach that ensures you can access your inner resources, take responsibility, and make those shifts proactively and willingly. It is meant to be non-judgmental, non-directive but fully encouraging & supportive. It bridges the gap between where you are in life and where you want to be. It helps recognise patterns, values, and limiting beliefs that may be impacting your daily life and perhaps holding you back. As a Well-being coach, my job is to empower you.

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Benefits of well-being

  • You start making positive changes which extends to your overall emotional and mental health 

  • Take control of your life by feeling the positive impact your decisions have on your life

  • Learn how to reduce the impact stress has on your body and mind to contribute to a more peaceful life

  • Increase confidence to form new and better relationships

  • Learn how to keep a positive mind-set and live to reach your full potential

  • Improve your energy and focus so you feel more productive and open to new possibilities

I use a combination of skills and techniques to help you achieve your goal. We work with the Eight Elements Wheel to help you achieve equilibrium in your life. Each of the eight key areas plays a vital role in your health and well-being and often by addressing one area you experience a positive impact on the others.

If you are open to change, with my support, encouragement and guidance, you can start making noticeable changes and start creating the life you truly want.

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"Following a six week chapter of sessions with Magalie, I was astounded to experience the before and after effect.  Before my self-employed work and academic goals were muddled with the functions of a busy family life so my focus was fuzzy and productivity compromised.  The after effect was one of revelation.  Working with Magalie and benefitting from her astute and well informed experience enabled order to be established.  Clarity of mind was attained and mid-term and long-term goals were set.  She has the gift to create stepping stones for others that are pleasurable to follow, so reaching the summit of one’s ambitions is a joy rather than a slog. I can attest to the fact that Magalie’s methodology works and her sessions were the highlight of my week."

Suzy . W.